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Making a Field Required Doesn’t Make It Truthful

Today’s lesson for people who make fields “required” on their web forms: You can make it “required”, but you can’t force people to tell you the truth. I recently filled out a form for a service that will eventually ship a book to me. I understand why they needed my street address, my credit card […]

Bad UI Discourages Cops in Queensland

How important can good (or bad) user interface design be? If the system you’re building is the Queensland Police’s record-management system, the interface can apparently be so bad that police would rather let petty criminals go free than try to enter an arrest report on the thing. In one case, the police found data-entry so […]

A Tale of Two Web Sites

I just finished applying (online) for unemployment, and then followed the EDD‘s link to CalJobs. The difference in understanding of UI/UX principles between the two sites is shocking. The EDD’s “Eapply4UI” site, aside from having a name that looks like it’s trying to fit onto a vanity license plate, is surprisingly good at what it […]