Announcing Hummingbird

Posted Wednesday, May 27th, 2009 at 1:01 pm

If you read Coyote Tracks*, you’ve probably noticed that I recently set up a thing over there in the right-hand side that says “My Latest Tweets”. At first, that was just a little PHP widget that I’d hacked together myself. But then I realized it could actually be useful to other people, because it does a bunch of things that many of the other “latest tweets” widgets in existence don’t do.

So I decided to get it cleaned up and make a real, distributable software package out of it. That took a few days, especially when I started banging on it, and trying to ensure that it had a prayer of working on anyone else’s server. Plus there was the time involved for writing the docs.

But now that all of that stuff is done, I am pleased to announce: Hummingbird. A lightweight, pretty, and compact gizmo for displaying your latest tweets on a blog or other PHP-powered web page.

* And if you don’t read Coyote Tracks… what the heck is wrong with you? *g*

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