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Book Review: The Martian, by Andy Weir

In something of a departure from my previous themes of web/software development and political/cultural issues in tech, I’m doing a book review. Given that it’s The Martian, it is something that that’s likely of interest to geeks… but as time goes on, I may branch out even more. What I’m saying is, this coyote’s tracks are […]

What Are We Giving Up With E-Text?

Engineering is about tradeoffs, and each technology has its advantages and drawbacks. Whenever we leave one technology behind and adopt a new one, we’re sacrificing something. We may be making a terrific trade, getting a hundred times as much cool stuff as give up — but we’re still giving up something, and we should be aware […]

What Would an Ideal Portable-Computing UI Look Like?

Right now, the question of what you need in a mobile computing platform is most often phrased in terms of “Do you need a netbook or a full laptop? Or perhaps one of the new high-end smartphones will manage?” I think the question isn’t one of capabilities as much as it is a question about […]

Back to My Usual Server

After a couple of months of temporary hosting with A2 Hosting, I finally have my real server back online, at a colo space in San José. Not that I have any complaints against A2 (heck, I even just gave them a little more Google-juice); they were perfectly servicable. But I’ve really gotten used to having […]