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A webOS 1.2 Upgrade Experience That Couldn’t Be Much Worse

The following is a copy of what I just posted on the Palm Prē forums: I woke up this morning to find that the webOS 1.2 upgrade had been pushed to my Prē automatically. I was happy, until the reboot finished and I saw: Signed Out You are no longer signed in to your Palm […]

Productivity on Various Fronts

I’ve actually made some progress on coding projects this weekend. My Palm Prē “Magic 8 Ball” application now responds to the Prē’s accelerometer: if you rotate the Prē, the app stays right-side up (including readjusting the position of the backdrop image). Even cooler, you no longer have to tap a button to trigger the fortune; […]

Musing on Mac Keyboards

I’m at a one-week contract this week, and the client uses only Macs. So I’m using an unfamiliar Mac keyboard — the kind with the transparent plastic casing, and the really stiff keys (by my standards, anyway). I am starting to get used to the propeller key already, and getting sort of used to using Meta-K […]

Would Shlemiel the Painter Optimize Prematurely?

I don’t want to optimize this code prematurely. And “while you’re still writing it” is probably premature. On the other hand, totally ignoring algorithmic complexity is a sure route to a Shlemiel the Painter’s algorithm. Do I really want to just write the whole thing, and then start profiling it to see where the hot […]

Eyeball-Deep in Legalese

I used to not have a problem when I wanted to release software. I’d just release it under the GPL (what we’d now call the GPLv2), and be pretty happy with that decision. Now there’s GPLv3, and I’m really uncertain whether I like it at all. I understand that Tivoization is a serious problem, but […]

When Have You Accomplished Enough?

Okay, let me see if I can take stock of the day: I started off by getting my /etc, /usr/local/bin and /usr/local/sbin, and /var/named directories under version control. That’s good. Plus I think I’ve got things set up to where I can upgrade WordPress plugins on my local setup, then reliably push the changes through […]

Back to My Usual Server

After a couple of months of temporary hosting with A2 Hosting, I finally have my real server back online, at a colo space in San José. Not that I have any complaints against A2 (heck, I even just gave them a little more Google-juice); they were perfectly servicable. But I’ve really gotten used to having […]

I’m Getting Tired of Yak-Shaving

It seems like every time I try to get around to actually writing some code, I discover yet another thing that I have to do in order to make that more possible. Today, it was: Get PHPUnit installed on Lórien, so I could run my unit tests locally during development, rather than having to shove […]