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The Implications of “No Local Storage” Computing

At http://rob.pike.usesthis.com/, Rob Pike talks about how computing should be everywhere, part of the infrastructure. He says storage “should be someone else’s problem, one I’m happy to pay to have them solve”. But the problem is, when you abstract away a problem like that, it will come around and bite you later. The people using Megaupload […]

COICA Is Dead, Long Live the PROTECT IP Act

And by “long live the PROTECT IP Act”, I really mean, “let’s kill the PROTECT IP Act, as quickly and as dead as possible”. [Update: At least one petition to the US Congress opposing this bill can be found at Demand Progress; I will update with others as I find out about them.] Back when COICA was winding its […]

Eyeball-Deep in Legalese

I used to not have a problem when I wanted to release software. I’d just release it under the GPL (what we’d now call the GPLv2), and be pretty happy with that decision. Now there’s GPLv3, and I’m really uncertain whether I like it at all. I understand that Tivoization is a serious problem, but […]