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Can jQuery Put Pressure On WebKit to Fix Bugs?

If you didn’t already know that Opera Software decided to toss its Presto rendering engine in favor of WebKit, just stop reading this post right now and go catch up on the past week of news in the world of web development and browsers. Don’t worry, I’ll wait. Assuming you did already know that, you should […]

My Favorite Firefox Extensions That You Haven’t Heard About

Before you comment or email me asking how I could have left out AdBlock Plus, FlashBlock, NoScript, Firebug, or Chris Pederick’s Web Developer Toolbar: Please re-read the last five words of this post’s title. If it’s a well-known extension, it’s off-limits for this post. This is about extensions that very few people have heard of, […]

Easy Restarts Are a Security Feature

The more stuff you have open (or habitually leave open) in an application, the more it becomes part of your consciousness, an extension of your mind. For many of us, the question “What are you doing right now?” could best be answered by, “Here’s a list of the tabs I have open in my web browser.” […]

NetApplications: Firefox Past 20%, Windows and IE Dropping

According to NetApplications, Firefox market share was over 20% for the month of November. Though they attribute the boost partly to greater-than-usual non-workday time (partly due to the Thanksgiving holiday, and partly just because of the way the month aligned with the work week), they still conclude: “Even considering these factors, Firefox’s share trend is […]