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So, You’ve Just Gotten Your First Android Phone…

Since two of my friends have bought new Android phones in the past two weeks, I think it’d be helpful if I wrote up a quick guide and some app recommendations for those entering the Android world. Quick Tips Android version numbers went: 1.5, 1.6, then 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, and 2.3, and now the latest […]

Announcement: Hummingbird Upgraded to Version 0.51

I’ve just upgraded Hummingbird from version 0.5 to its new version: 0.51. Since I recently starting using the #PalmPrē hashtag in my tweets, I suddenly noticed that Hummingbird didn’t make hashtags clickable. Well, now it does. The change is pretty minimal, but it also incurred some overhead in my web site: the Hummingbird web page […]

Site Updated and Software Publication

Just updated my software page to bring it a little more up-to-date with what I’ve been doing in the past few years. It’s funny to see how my coding style has evolved and grown continually over that time. There were some things I used to be showing off that were almost totally procedural; even some […]

Why Downloadable Documentation Is Critical

PHP is a kludged-together, ugly mess of a language. But its documentation is quite superlative: practically every function has documentation written in a more-or-less standardized format, plus whatever comments users have added. In addition, they have something near and dear to my heart: Downloadable documentation. This means that if I’m developing on an airplane at […]