A Chat With Palm Tech Support

We’ll see if anything useful comes of this… I wasn’t too happy with the rep’s cluefulness at 2:55, I must admit.

2:50 PM Connecting to Rescue Gateway: control.app51.logmeinrescue.com…
2:50 PM Connected to Rescue Gateway. A support representative will be with you shortly.
2:51 PM Support session established with Kade.

2:51 PM Kade: Hello.
2:51 PM Kagan MacTane: Hi.
2:51 PM Kade: I understand that you are getting signed out and erase all data screen.
2:51 PM Kade: Am I correct ?
2:51 PM Kagan MacTane: Yes.
2:51 PM Kagan MacTane: And when I press “Just Restart”, the phone restarts and then shows that same “Signed Out” screen again.
2:52 PM Kagan MacTane: I tried taking out the battery and putting it back in, but it still does the same thing.
2:53 PM Kade: Thank you for the information.
2:53 PM Kade: I apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused to you.
2:53 PM Kagan MacTane: Is there any way I can sign in without losing all my data?
2:54 PM Kade: Let me confirm when exactly did you noticed this error message (date and time) ?
2:54 PM Kagan MacTane: When I woke up this morning, the phone had downloaded the webOS 1.2 update overnight.
2:54 PM Kagan MacTane: It said I needed to restart the phone to complete the upgrade. I said okay.
2:55 PM Kagan MacTane: Then, when it came back up, it showed me the Signed Out screen.
2:55 PM Kagan MacTane: Date: today. Time: around 10:30 am? I wasn’t checking.
2:55 PM Kade: Have you recently update the device to WebOS 1.2 version?
2:56 PM Kagan MacTane: Like I just said: “When I woke up this morning, the phone had downloaded the webOS 1.2 update overnight”
2:56 PM Kade: Okay.
2:58 PM Kagan MacTane: Hello?
2:59 PM Kade: Yes, I am with you.
2:59 PM Kade: I am sorry for the delay.
2:59 PM Kagan MacTane: As long as you’re still here.
2:59 PM Kagan MacTane: I recognize this one might take a little time to research. 🙂
3:00 PM Kade: Palm is investigating this issue, however I will make a note of it and escalate this issue to Specialist team also.
3:00 PM Kade: Could you please provide me the below given details information :
3:00 PM Kade: 1. Let me know your Palm profile email address.
3:01 PM Kagan MacTane: Should be kai@mactane.org
3:01 PM Kagan MacTane: That email will certainly reach me.
3:01 PM Kade: Let me know your MEID number.
3:01 PM Kagan MacTane: How do I find that?
3:02 PM Kade: You will find it under the device battery.
3:02 PM Kagan MacTane: Just a moment…
3:02 PM Kade: Sure.
3:02 PM Kagan MacTane: You want the hex, or decimal version?
3:03 PM Kade: Yes, MEID Hex :
3:03 PM Kagan MacTane: Okay. MEID HEX: A100000064331AF
3:04 PM Kade: Thank you for the information.
3:04 PM Kagan MacTane: (I may have gotten one too many or one too few zeroes.)
3:05 PM Kade: Not a problem.
3:06 PM Kagan MacTane: Now do I stay on the line, or will someone email me later on?
3:07 PM Kade: To create a case record and submit the request, I need the following information: First and last name
Primary phone number
Secondary phone number (if any)
Primary email address
Device serial number
Purchase date
Country where you purchased your device
Place of purchase (Ex: Palm store, retail store, wireless service provider store, online)
Do you want to receive promotional email from Palm?
Wireless service provider

3:07 PM Kagan MacTane: First: Kai
3:07 PM Kagan MacTane: Last: MacTane
3:09 PM Kagan MacTane: Primary: 415-REDACTED
Primary email: kai@mactane.org
Device Serial: PSPE06D95093
Purchased: approx. 7/7/2009
Country: USA
Place: Sprint store
No promotional material, please
Wireless Service: also Sprint
3:10 PM Kade: Thank you for the above given information.
3:11 PM Kade: I would like to do, is place your case into a special team that develops technical solutions. They will do further research on it. They would be in touch with you once they have further updates. I cannot commit to a specific callback period, but please know that we are working on your case.
3:11 PM Kagan MacTane: Looks liek purchase date was actually July 6th.
3:11 PM Kade: Okay.
3:12 PM Kagan MacTane: Until I hear back from the special team, my phone is useless.
3:12 PM Kagan MacTane: I hope they’ll be quick.
3:12 PM Kade: Yes, you are correct.
3:12 PM Kade: Thank you for your understanding and patience.
3:12 PM Kagan MacTane: You’re welcome.
3:13 PM Kagan MacTane: Can you tell the team that email is my preferred contact method?
3:13 PM Kade: Sure.
3:13 PM Kagan MacTane: Thanks. the phone number you have is my home phone, which won’t reach me during normal office hours.
3:13 PM Kagan MacTane: (At the office, I use my cell phone… which is currently a brick.)
3:13 PM Kade: Okay, I understand it.
3:13 PM Kagan MacTane: Cool.
3:14 PM Kagan MacTane: Thanks for your help.
3:14 PM Kade: You are most welcome.
3:14 PM Kade: I apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused to you.
3:15 PM Kade: Here’s the reference number for our chat: Chat session ID number: 40711457

Keep this number as a record of this chat, and if you need to contact us again for this same issue, please refer to this number.
3:15 PM Kagan MacTane: Thanks.
3:15 PM Kade: Thank you for contacting Palm and feel free to contact us for further assistance. After our chat ends, you’ll receive a survey.
3:15 PM Kade: Have a nice day !
3:15 PM Kade: Bye !

How long should I wait for a response before giving up and blowing away all the data on my phone? Especially since I can’t imagine what the special team will be able to say, other than, “We’re very sorry, Mr. MacTane, but there’s no way to avoid destroying all of your data. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.”

(Of course, if I decide to just get it over with, they’ll get back to me with some arcane keystroke combo that would have saved me… if only I’d been patient.)


  1. Posted Tuesday, September 29th, 2009 at 3:30 pm | Permalink

    Gotta love tech support, I can’t wait until my contract is over and I can get an Iphone, I despise Sprint!

  2. Posted Tuesday, September 29th, 2009 at 3:44 pm | Permalink

    I’ve had great luck with Sprint, and don’t really want an iPhone. My problems are with *Palm*, not with Sprint. (If I could get a full WebKit browser in my Treo 755 – which also with Sprint – I’d go back to that phone in a heartbeat.)

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    @kmactane http://bit.ly/1xJ26z # um, wow. compare apple genius support.

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