Year-End Self-Grading

Posted Thursday, January 2nd, 2014 at 8:44 pm

The past couple of years, I’ve posted a couple of year-end retrospective posts, analyzing how much I’d posted, and how much of it had to do with gender issues. Time for this year’s round-up! (A few days late.)

This year (well, last year), I managed only 12 posts total. Which sucks. Of those, two were tagged with “gender”, for a rate of 16.667%. Which is above the 10 or even 12% that I’d like to maintain.

But somehow, with only 12 posts written at all, it feels pretty unsatisfying. Especially given that I completely missed Ada Lovelace Day. (I was sick a lot in the run-up to it. Which is no excuse.)

Then again, the fact that my gender posts had nothing to do with Ada Lovelace Day is kind of encouraging — it shows that I am actually operating according to the principles I set forth in my original “Ada Lovelace Day Is Not Enough” post: Don’t ghettoize posts about gender into just one day of the year.

Still: Need to post more. That’s the bottom line, MAKE MOAR COYOTE TRACKS.

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