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DDoSes Aren’t Free Speech

Anonymous is an interesting and problematic group. I often agree with their aims and goals. I have a much more varied reaction to their tactics and methods — their street protests have often been masterpieces of surrealism, and also quite effective at lampooning their targets, but their online intrusions and DDoSes annoy me with their legal […]

About WikiLeaks, DDoSes, Rape, and Justice

Why I’m In Favor of WikiLeaks’ Professed Ideals and Aims I am not a fan of government secrecy. Maybe some things should be kept secret, but by and large? Our government has overused that excuse to the point of absurdity. We can no longer trust the government to keep its citizens informed about what it’s […]

Death Threats Against Bloggers

First, there was what happened to Kathy Sierra. Now, it’s hitting Michael Arrington, too. I’m disturbed, and I don’t like this. I’m aware that some people take things like religion and politics so seriously that they’ll fight, kill or die over them. But Kathy Sierra wrote about making software as pleasing to users as possible. […]